Program Matrix

PG=Promising Gang program
EG=Effective Gang program
PGS=Promising Gang Structure
EGS=Effective Gang Structure
PD=Promising Delinquency program
ED=Effective Delinquency program
PDS=Promising Delinquency Structure
EDS=Effective Delinquency Structure
PA=Promising Adult program
EA=Effective Adult program
(Read the criteria for these codes)
Program Applicable Ages
Adolescent Diversion Project ED                  
Aggression Replacement Training EG                  
Aggressive Behavioral Control Program EG                   
All Children Excel/ACE 180 PDS                    
Alliance of Concerned Men PG           
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America ED           
Boston Ten-Point Coalition PGS             
Boys & Girls Club — Project Learn PD                    
Brief Strategic Family Therapy ED              
Brief Strategic Family Therapy—Gang Adaptation PG                  
Broader Urban Involvement and Leadership Development EG                      
Career Academies ED                    
Caught in the Crossfire (Oakland) EG             
Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy EG, ED, EA           
Chicago Law-Related Education ED           
Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI) PD            
Child Development-Community Policing PDS     
Chronic Truancy Initiative PDS                  
Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools ED                  
Cognitive-Processing Therapy for Female Victims of Sexual Assault (girls only) ED                  
Communities That Care PDS           
Comprehensive Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression Model PG, PA       
Coping Power ED                   
Cure Violence PG, PA                 
Familias Unidas PD                  
Fast Track PD                  
Functional Family Therapy ED               
Gang Resistance Education And Training EG                 
Gang Resistance Is Paramount PG               
Good Behavior Game ED                     
Graduated Sanctions PGS, PDS                
Group Violence Intervention EG, EA                 
Hardcore Gang Investigations Unit—Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office EG, EA             
High/Scope Perry Preschool Program ED                     
Home-Based Behavioral Systems Family Therapy ED           
Homeboy Industries PGS             
Incredible Years Series ED                 
Job Corps PD                 
Juvenile Drug Courts with Contingency Management and Multisystemic Therapy PD                  
LifeSkills Training ED                 
Linking the Interests of Families and Teachers PD                  
Little Village Gang Violence Reduction Project PG                  
Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center PG, PD                     
Methodist Home for Children’s Value-Based Therapeutic Environment (VBTE) Model PG, ED                    
Montreal Preventive Treatment Program PD                     
Movimiento Ascendencia PG                
Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care ED                
Multisystemic Therapy ED                  
Nurse-Family Partnership ED             
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program ED              
PeaceBuilders PD                 
Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network PG, PD               
Police Activities League’s One-Stop Youth Center PDS        
Problem-Oriented Policing PGS, PDS, EA                
Project 110% PG                
Project PATHE (Positive Action Through Holistic Education) ED                
Project Safe Neighborhoods (Lowell, Massachusetts) EG                
Project Towards No Drug Abuse ED                  
Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies ED                
RECLAIM Ohio EDS                 
Responding in Peaceful and Positive Ways (RiPP) PD                   
Richmond, California, Comprehensive Homicide Initiative PD             
Safe Dates ED                      
Safe Schools Unit PGS, PDS            
San Diego County Breaking Cycles EG, ED                  
San Diego Repeat Offender Prevention Program PD                  
School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program ED            
Schools And Families Educating Children (SAFEChildren) ED                 
SNAP™ Under 12 Outreach Project ED                 
Strategic Home Intervention and Early Leadership Development (SHIELD) PGS, PDS            
Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 3–16 ED          
Strengthening Families Program I (SFP-I) ED                 
Strengthening the Bonds of Chicano Youth and Families PD                
Syracuse Family Development Research Program PD                  
Tarrant County Advocate Program PDS                
Trauma Affect Regulation: Guide for Education and Therapy ED                  
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ED        
Tri-Agency Resource Gang Enforcement Team PG                
Truancy and Assessment Service Centers PDS                
Violence-Free Zones PGS                
Wraparound Milwaukee PDS                
Youth Court PDS                   
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