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Serving those in the fields of juvenile and criminal justice, law enforcement, youth and community organizations, research, and others across the nation with responsibilities for addressing gang‐related crime and violence, the NGC provides an array of best‐practice information, resources, training, strategic tools, and expertise to assist those who are working to prevent youth from joining gangs, intervene with those who are gang‐involved, and suppress criminal and violent street gang activity.

Resources and tools

The NGC hosts a variety of resources and tools including online training, informational videos, curated lists of gang‐related news articles and legislation, a moderated email discussion group, and more.

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Gangs in Schools

This guide from the National Gang Center is designed to provide schools and law enforcement with sound practices and collaborative techniques to identify, assess, and address gang activity in the school setting.

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Parents’ Guide to Gangs

This guide contains information on behaviors associated with joining gangs, common gang identifiers, and what parents can do.

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Why Youth Join Gangs

This video presentation features gang researchers, practitioners, and young people who were previously involved in gangs. Learn about research regarding gang joining, as well as firsthand insights into the behaviors and the circumstances that you might observe when interacting with youth who are at high risk of joining a gang.

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Gang-Related News

This page provides a list of articles pertaining to gangs and gang-related activities from various news sources. A link to the source of each article is provided. The list of articles can be refined by date and limited to a specific state using the search tool.

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FAQs-About Gangs

Frequently Asked Questions About Gangs

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GANGINFO Exchange is an online moderated email discussion group open to practitioners, researchers, law enforcement officers, probation and parole officers, social workers, youth agency workers, and others interested in gangs. A list charter, terms and conditions of use, and an application to join the mailing list are included on the home page of this resource.

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This webinar will outline how best to conduct street outreach when gang-involved clients are in danger. The webinar will highlight the work of the National Gang Center (www.nationalgangcenter.gov) and Houston Mayor's Anti-Gang Office. The presenters will discuss the importance of building collaborative relationships and communication protocols among outreach staff, police, schools, and justice systems to develop crisis response and safety plans, including plans to address client, outreach worker and public safety violent retaliatory situations.

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OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model Online Overview

This resource provides a 23-minute overview of the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model.

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Outreach Worker Safety Tips

This informational sheet provides safety tips for those who work with gang members in the community.

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Gang-Related Legislation

This resource identifies gang-related legislation by federal or state jurisdictions, or by subject.

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Strategic Planning Tool (SPT)

The SPT is an electronic tool to assist communities in assessing their gang problems and planning strategies to deal with those problems.

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Community Resource Inventory (CRI)

The CRI allows users to record and categorize information about their community organizations, programs, services, and activities into an online database.

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Client Track

The Client Track database tracks services and outcomes of clients being case-managed by a multidisciplinary intervention team. The database captures program referral information, individual client data, and program services data. The system generates client and program outcome reports to assist program staff in implementation and demonstration of program effectiveness.

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Assistance and Consultations


The NGC offers training that assists law enforcement and local community endeavors to control gang-related activity. Topics for law enforcement include basic and advanced gang investigations, intelligence, and gang unit supervision, as well as seminars for law enforcement chief executives. Community-based topics include training on the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model. More specialized training and technical assistance are provided upon request when appropriate. In addition to the training provided directly by the NGC, users may find other federal and regional training opportunities in the following links.

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Online Street Gang Intelligence Training for Law Enforcement

The Street Gang Intelligence online training course is designed to assist law enforcement officers in understanding the steps involved in the intelligence process. It reviews applicable standards, suggests possible sources of information, and highlights some of the challenges encountered in collecting gang intelligence. This course is restricted to law enforcement personnel.
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On‐Site Anti‐Gang Law Enforcement Training

The NGC offers four classes for law enforcement–Advanced Gang Investigations, Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators, Gang Unit Supervision, and an Anti‐Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives. These classes are provided on a regional basis to agencies to include participants from all law enforcement agencies (police and sheriff) within a geographical region. Courses are supported through BJA funding and regional sponsors; there are no registration fees to attend.

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Other Gang-Related Trainings and Conferences

As a complement to training offered by the NGC, this page lists both federal and regional conference and training information.

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