Compilation of Gang-Related Legislation

Using automated databases and working with a variety of entities, the National Gang Center identifies gang-related legislation. This information is updated as new legislation and existing legislation are identified. Please review the gang-related legislation disclaimer.

First page thumbnail of the “Gang, Gang Crime, and Gang Member Definitions” PDF Gang, Gang Crime, and Gang Member Definitions
This document describes current federal law and proposed legislation, as well as current state law. The information is updated annually.
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Gang-Related Legislation by State

Additional information on state legislation is available through the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Website.

Gang-Related Legislation by Subject

Gang-Related Municipal Codes by Subject

Note: These codes are posted as examples of what has been written on the various subjects below. The codes are not necessarily current. If you are aware of newer or updated municipal codes in these areas and believe they should be posted here, please send the code with the proper documentation to for our review and potential inclusion on this site.