Addressing Gangs: Introduction to the Comprehensive Gang Model
Thursday, April 15, 2021 • 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., ET

This webinar will serve as the first in the "Addressing Gangs" webinar series, which will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the process to implement a comprehensive gang reduction strategy in their community as well as practical guidance and resources. This series is intended for community organizations, local government leaders, law enforcement officials, and other stakeholders in communities impacted by youth gangs that are interested in a multidisciplinary strategy such as the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model (CGM or the Model). This webinar will serve as an introduction to the CGM and its five core strategies—social intervention, community mobilization, suppression, opportunities provision, and organizational change and development—with a Q&A to address questions for those interested in the Model.

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Comprehensive Gang Model: Building Impactful Collaboration Through Community Mobilization

This webinar is intended for community members, local government leaders, law enforcement officials, and other stakeholders in communities impacted by youth gangs. It provides an overview of the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model and focuses on community mobilization—one of the Model's five core strategies—as a solution for increasing community engagement and building impactful collaboration between agencies and the residents they serve to address gang-related issues. The webinar includes a forum with practitioners experienced in implementing this strategy and guidance for next steps in implementing the Model.

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Gangs and Human Trafficking

To evade the ever-changing law enforcement and criminal justice landscape, gangs have continued to evolve by engaging in more clandestine type criminal activities, such as human trafficking. With an increase in gang-involved human trafficking cases over the last decade, it has become even more important for law enforcement and prosecutors to be aware of the connection between the two and the best strategies to investigate and prosecute the gang members involved. This webinar focuses on the nature of gang involvement in human trafficking; challenges in investigation and prosecution, along with some potential solutions; and resources available to support law enforcement and prosecution efforts throughout the process.


Protecting Youth From Gangs on Social Media

This webinar is intended for parents, educators, service providers, and law enforcement officers in communities impacted by gangs. Participants will learn how gangs use social media to recruit and carry out illegal activity; how to identify these threats; and how to apply knowledge and tools to protect youth. Participants will also be directed to references and resources that can be used to enhance social media safety programming.


Recognizing Gang Activity in Schools

This webinar presents formal and informal techniques to recognize signs of gang activity in a school setting. Establishing reliable evidence of gang presence in and around a school depends on the sharing and validation of information among school personnel, youth service providers, and local law enforcement. Taken together, this authentication of information establishes a more accurate picture of the level of disruption and threat to school safety posed by gang-involved youth. It protects individual students from unsubstantiated labels. It equips school administrators with the ability to develop data-driven policies and effectively respond to gangs in their schools. To obtain handouts for this webinar, please contact information@nationalgangcenter.gov.


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Responding to Gangs in Schools: Creating a Collaborative Process Between Schools and Law Enforcement

This webinar highlights the importance of responding to gangs within a school setting through a collaborative approach between law enforcement and school administration. The National Gang Center’s Gangs in Schools guide discusses strategies around gang activity identification and assessment; planning and implementing a collaborative approach; and prevention, intervention, and suppression. With input from practitioners, this webinar will specifically focus on the process of and challenges with developing a collaboration, the unique roles of law enforcement and school administration, and ways to foster and sustain a collaboration once it has been established.

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Street Outreach and Law Enforcement Collaboration: Prioritizing Safety When Working With Gang Members

This webinar outlines how best to conduct street outreach when gang-involved clients are in danger. The webinar highlights the work of the National Gang Center, Houston Mayor's Anti-Gang Office, and Houston Police Department. The presenters will discuss the importance of building collaborative relationships and communication protocols among outreach staff, police, schools, and justice systems to develop crisis response and safety plans, including plans to address client, outreach worker and public safety violent retaliatory situations.

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