Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators

The Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators training is designed to build competency for sworn gang investigators with little to no formal gang training. The training provides officers with information to better recognize gang indicators and understand how gang crimes differ from other crimes. The course presents tools and resources for gathering intelligence, investigating gang crimes, and performing gang suppression activities. The lessons are designed to build on each other, providing a solid-core knowledge of gang-related topics. The goal of the Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators course is to provide officers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely and effectively investigate gang crimes.

Target Audience

This training has been developed for gang officers and intelligence analysts currently assigned to gang investigations who have fewer than three years of gang investigation experience. This training will also benefit other law enforcement officers who encounter gangs on the street.

Core Topics

  • National Gang Overview
  • Gang Intelligence (this topic is covered as a prerequisite through the NGC Street Gang Online Intelligence training course)
  • Developing Sources of Information
  • Regional Gang Overview
  • Interviewing Gang Members
  • Gang Suppression Strategies and Tactics
  • Gang Investigations
  • Social Media and Technology Trends for Gang Detectives
  • Federal Resources and Tools

Registration Information

Currently, no Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators trainings have been scheduled. Please continue to check this site for schedule updates.