Law Enforcement Anti-Gang Training

The NGC offers four classes for law enforcement–Advanced Gang Investigations, Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators, Gang Unit Supervision, and an Antiā€Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives. These classes are provided on a regional basis to agencies to include participants from all law enforcement agencies (police and sheriff) within a geographical region. Courses are supported through BJA funding and regional sponsors; there are no registration fees to attend.

Advanced Gang Investigations

Advanced Gang Investigations: This class enhances the gang investigation skills, abilities, and knowledge of experienced law enforcement and intelligence professionals. Participants will learn about more sophisticated investigative, intelligence, and suppression tools to investigate gang crime. More...

Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators
Next Class: May 29–31, 2019, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Basic Training for Street Gang Investigators: Participants are provided with basic information about the different types of gangs throughout the United States and receive specific, in-depth information about gangs in their region. They will learn about collecting gang intelligence, interviewing techniques, investigative techniques, suppression strategies, case-building strategies, and legal considerations in prosecuting gang crimes. More...

Gang Unit Supervision

Gang Unit Supervision: This class will enable participants to discuss and apply fundamental principles of effective gang unit supervision. Through the review and evaluation of best-practice strategies, participants will be better prepared to develop the most appropriate organizational and management strategies for their department’s gang unit. The information presented is applicable to participants who are forming new gang units as well as those operating existing gang units and multijurisdictional partnerships. More...

Anti-Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives

Anti-Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives: This seminar will allow police chiefs, sheriffs, and other law enforcement chief executives to discuss a variety of gang-related topics relevant to law enforcement executives. It is designed to be a collegial, facilitated event in which the participants’ experiences are shared and constitute the educational value. Through discussions, brief scenario-based exercises, and shared resources, participants will learn from their peers while sharing their own experiences. More...

Law Enforcement Training Requests

Training events are provided to multiple agencies at a time on a regional basis. More specialized training and technical assistance may be provided upon request. Use this form to request training for law enforcement agencies.

Law Enforcement Training Request Form