Anti-Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives

The Anti-Gang Seminar for Law Enforcement Chief Executives is designed to serve as a forum where senior law enforcement officials can discuss real, executive-level issues involving gangs and share innovative and promising approaches. The seminar is designed to be a collegial, facilitated event in which the participants’ experiences are shared and constitute educational value. Through discussions and brief scenario-based exercises, the participants have the opportunity to learn from their peers, while sharing their own experiences.

Target Audience

This seminar has been developed for chief executives and their top-tier command staff. Ideally, this seminar will be conducted with the participation of several neighboring jurisdictions’ law enforcement chief executives.

Core Topics

  • Current Gang Trends
  • Intelligence Sharing: Leveraging Agency Intelligence to Support Regional Jurisdictional Issues
  • Impact of Social Media
  • Effective Gang Suppression Strategies
  • Steps to Ensure the Protection of Citizens’ Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights
  • Law Enforcement’s Role in Gang Prevention and Intervention
  • Gang Resources and Technical Support

Registration Information

Currently, no Anti-Gang Seminars for Law Enforcement Chief Executives have been scheduled. Please continue to check this site for schedule updates.