Advanced Gang Investigations

The Advanced Gang Investigations training provides insight into techniques to investigate gang crimes and advanced tools for gang investigations, including information regarding how to integrate intelligence analysis and crime analysis. The training is designed to offer flexibility based on the needs of the law enforcement agencies in the geographical area where the training is being offered. The training provides awareness of existing tools, resources, and guidelines for gang investigators. In addition, attendees are presented with a view beyond their traditional suppression role, which illustrates how law enforcement can work collaboratively with community and faith-based leaders in gang prevention and intervention.

Target Audience

This training has been developed for gang officers and intelligence analysts. It is anticipated that sworn law enforcement attendees will be those with approximately two to five years of gang investigation experience who encounter street gangs through their law enforcement duties. Attendees are expected to have a basic knowledge of major national gangs, since this is not a “Gangs 101” course. A national gang overview with signs, symbols, tattoos, history, and migration will not be provided in the Advanced Gang Investigations training.

Core Topics

  • Gang Intelligence (this topic is covered as a prerequisite through the NGC Street Gang Online Intelligence training course)
  • Crime Analysis and the Intelligence Process
  • Managing Confidential Sources
  • Regional Gang Trends
  • Social Media and Gang Investigations
  • Investigating Gang Crimes
  • Prevention/Intervention and the Role of Law Enforcement
  • Gang Prosecution Strategies

Registration Information

Currently, no Advanced Gang Investigations courses have been scheduled. Please continue to check this site for schedule updates.