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Welcome to the Gang-Related News Articles page. This page provides a list of articles pertaining to gangs and gang-related activities from various U.S. and Canadian news sources. A link to the source of each article is provided. The list of articles can be refined and filtered by date and limited to a specific state or Canadian province or territory.

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Regina gang member killed drunk man because he was wearing a red shirt, court hears (Regina, SK): Joshua Michael Harden was wearing a red shirt and hat when, while looking for his girlfriend, he wandered into a house party on Garnet Street. The colour of his clothing became the motive for a violent attack that left him dead. “This incident involved a level of violence resulting in death, between persons not known to each other, in a culture of street gang violence — a situation all too common in the city of Regina which has left numerous families both heartbroken and devastated,” Crown prosecutor Sonya Guiboche said Tuesday.
Source: Canoe News    Date: July 26, 2016

Dramatic rise in Regina gun seizures, as forces ready for carbine rifle rollout in fall (Regina, SK): The number of guns taken off the street in Regina this spring was nearly triple the number seized during the same timeframe last year. But despite claims in areas like North Central that the spike is due to heightened gang activity, RPS Supt. Corey Zaharuk was reluctant — as others in the force have been — to use the term ‘gang.’
Source: Regina Leader-Post    Date: July 13, 2016

North Central residents concerned about rising gun violence (Regina, SK): Gun violence in North Central seems to be increasing, and one resident says gangs are to blame. “There’s so much of this — I really believe it’s gang violence,” said a North Central resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity — she doesn’t want to jeopardize her safety.
Source: Regina Leader-Post    Date: June 24, 2016

Regina man with former gang ties shares his story (Regina, SK): On the heels of a major police bust this week, a local man previously affiliated with a Regina gang is sharing his experiences in hopes of deterring youth from entering organized crime.
Source: Global News    Date: June 10, 2016

Regina groups attempt to steer youth away from gang involvement (Regina, SK): Regina police released results of a two-month operation on Monday that targeted gang members in the city. Nine had been arrested and charged, some of them allegedly members of the Native Syndicate gang.
Source: Global News    Date: June 7, 2016

Undercover cops bust 9 alleged Native Syndicate gang members in Regina (Regina, SK): After two months of "covert" investigation, Regina police arrested nine men on Friday. Police said the investigation, called Project Shred, was a "direct result of a series of violent offences that occurred in Regina involving persons identified in drug trafficking activity."
Source: CBC News    Date: June 6, 2016

‘It seemed cool’: The allure of becoming a member of a street gang (Saskatoon, SK): Less than a week ago in a Saskatoon courtroom, a young offender was sentenced to three years for fatally shooting another teen on Sept. 7, 2015. The now 15-year-old will serve a little over a year-and-half in custody followed by nine months supervision for criminal negligence causing death.
Source: Global News    Date: April 26, 2016

New book explores life and death of deadly Saskatchewan gang leader Danny Wolfe (Regina, SK): Joe Friesen awoke at his Toronto home to a ringing phone and an unfamiliar number: “Hey, it’s Danny,” said the voice at the end of the line. As in Daniel Richard Wolfe, D-Boy — notorious gang leader, then-recently recaptured escapee from the Regina jail, and still-to-be convicted killer. That Danny.
Source: Regina Leader-Post    Date: April 22, 2016

Police say accused murderer could be hiding with girlfriend (Prince Albert, SK): Prince Albert Police say an accused murderer who escaped custody may be on the run with his girlfriend. Braidy Chase Vermette is still at large after he escaped during a hospital visit with the help of people armed with pepper spray and a gun. Police believe one of the men who helped him escape is Ricky Favel, who is wanted by police.
Source: The StarPhoenix    Date: April 6, 2016

Wanted: Political champion to take on gangs in North Central (Regina, SK): A large fence around a home on the 1300 block of Cameron Street has a beautiful mural on it. The homeowner had a community group paint it as part of a neighbourhood improvement initiative. Then a well-known local gang tagged it.
Source: Regina Leader-Post    Date: March 16, 2016

Regina residents call for solutions to end gang violence in North Central (Regina, SK): North Central neighbourhood residents are calling on the public to help join them in a quest to end gang violence.
Source: Global News    Date: March 14, 2016

Arrest warrants issued after Onion Lake assault that RCMP say was gang-related (Onion Lake Cree Nation, SK): RCMP allege a conflict between gangs was at the root of an assault on the Onion Lake Cree Nation that resulted in charges against five people accused of committing an offence for the benefit of a criminal organization.
Source: The StarPhoenix    Date: February 17, 2016

'Control these kids,' says woman calling for curfew for Saskatoon teens (Saskatoon, SK): Agatha Eaglechief says the city needs to enforce a nighttime curfew on all high-school-aged kids in order to stop gangs of roaming teenagers out late at night.
Source: The StarPhoenix    Date: January 19, 2016

Indian Posse gang founder sentenced in Regina (Regina, SK): Susan Creeley returned to the same Regina courthouse Friday to watch her older son sent to prison, much as she had six years earlier for her younger son.
Source: Regina Leader-Post    Date: January 8, 2016

$2-Million To Combat Gang Activity In P.A. (Prince Albert, SK): The Prince Albert Police Service will have more to work with for targeting organized crime and gang activity. The province is contributing $2-million for 19 police positions.
Source:     Date: December 17, 2015

Getting in is easy, getting out is hard: The Regina man who left his gang life behind with the help of a new program (Regina, SK): Kyle Wood walked into a convenience store, armed and ready to be dangerous. His adrenaline – thanks in part to his first ever line of cocaine– was pumping as he clenched the baseball bat he was prepared to use as a weapon.
Source: Regina Leader-Post    Date: November 18, 2015

Partnerships crucial in curbing youth crime in Regina (Regina, SK): While there is no magic formula — and likely never will be — those working to prevent and curb youth crime stress the importance of partnerships in finding what answers they can. “It’s like trying to put a puzzle together and you’re missing pieces,” says Candace Liskowich, public education officer with Regina Fire & Protective Services about attempting to function in a bubble.
Source: Regina Leader-Post    Date: November 18, 2015

Former gang member turns her life around (Saskatoon, SK): Gangs are commonly defined as groups of people organizing or engaging in criminal activity. Jorgina Sunn, a former Alberta gang member goes by a different definition. Having seen it all too well from the inside, she says being in a gang meant living in fear every day.
Source: Global News    Date: November 17, 2015

Ex-gang member works to rebuild life (Saskatoon, SK): It was the first time in his life Brad Christianson truly feared going to jail. He was 23 years old on the cold January morning when he walked into court, knowing his fate was sealed. By that time in his young life, Christianson was no stranger to incarceration.
Source: The StarPhoenix    Date: November 7, 2015

Crazy Indians Brotherhood helps one man leave life of crime (Saskatoon, SK): Gang life is behind him but Howard Martell is marked by the experience with a tattoo beneath his right eye. "One time I was on the bus and there was this little boy with his mom and he said, 'Hey mom, look at the bad guy!' That's when I realized I should get it removed."
Source: CBC News    Date: September 29, 2015

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