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Police say killing was a retaliation (San Diego, CA): Officials believe the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man is in retaliation for the strangulation of a 49-year-old man in a Memorial neighborhood. Detectives arrested a 22-year-old on suspicion of murder and a 25-year-old for a parole violation. Shortly after, police arrested a 34-year-old and a 37-year-old on two counts of robbery and one count of murder in connection with the strangulation. Both deaths are linked to gang activity, police said.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune    Date: January 16, 2004

One dead, one injured in attack (Los Angeles, CA): Police shot and seriously wounded a man suspected of killing a 19-year-old in an apparent gang-related attack in the Crenshaw district. The 27-year-old suspect was with a 14-year-old when they approached the victim in an alley. The suspect shot the man and fled with his accomplice. As he was being pursued by police, the shooter fell down and fired shots at officers. Police fired back, hitting the man multiple times. The second suspect was also arrested.
Source: Los Angeles Times    Date: January 15, 2004

Gang member held in Concord killing (Concord, CA): A 21-year-old Richmond gang member was arrested on suspicion of fatally shooting a 23-year-old man during an argument between the occupants of two cars on a downtown Concord street. A 20-year-old man suspected of being the driver of the car in which the shooter was riding was also arrested on the same charges. The suspected shooter has a long history of gang affiliation in Richmond, and his accomplice also has some gang ties. Police added that the victim had no gang affiliations.
Source: Contra Costa Times    Date: January 15, 2004

Gang suppression (Los Angeles, CA): The Sheriff of Los Angeles County recently claimed success in the county's war on gang violence. In six weeks, deputies on the department's anti-gang Community Problems Assessment and Suppression Teams made 322 felony arrests and 530 misdemeanor arrests, according to the team's monthly administrative report. Deputies also interviewed more than 650 people, many of whom are gang members. A supervisor whose district has reported the highest number of gang-related homicides for the past three years said these interviews are key to keeping the peace in many neighborhoods. "I do think intelligence is the key to a lot of the prevention of problems that result from having events within parks and other areas," she said. "We need to have the ability to identify (gang members)." Teams were deployed in areas served by the East Los Angeles, Lennox, Century, and Compton sheriff's stations.
Source: City News Service    Date: January 13, 2004

Unified fight on gangs urged (Los Angeles, CA): Following a two-day conference in Los Angeles, federal and local law enforcement officials believe that a national strategy similar to that used against organized crime and in current counterterrorism efforts must be created to fight street gangs. The conference was held to help change long-standing perceptions regarding gangs. Gangs are growing, becoming more sophisticated, and "migrating" into medium- and small-sized cities, officials said. Law enforcement agencies must find a unified approach to combat them. In Los Angeles County, homicides dropped about 20 percent in 2003. Gang activity, however, has not decreased, with 96,000 suspected gang members in the county.
Source: Los Angeles Times    Date: January 12, 2004

Gangs deadlier than terror (Los Angeles, CA): After a two-day summit, police chiefs and FBI agents from across the country are hoping to draft a national strategy to take to Washington, DC, to get more money and resources to fight gang violence. Despite overall drops in crime in Los Angeles, down by 22 percent, more than half of the city's roughly 500 homicides were gang-related, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Chicago, New York City, and Denver have also reported similar situations.
Source: The Daily News of Los Angeles    Date: January 11, 2004

Gang member sentenced in fatal shooting of bystander (Vista, CA): A gang member who was jumped at a Vista gas station and fatally shot a 19-year-old bystander when he retaliated against his attackers was sentenced to more than 101 years in prison. The 25-year-old man received 50 years to life for murder, plus 51 years and four months for attempted murder, using a gun, and acting in association with a street gang.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune    Date: January 10, 2004

Drive-by shooting remains a mystery (Manteca, CA): A drive-by shooting in which a shotgun was fired into a house door may have been related to Hispanic gang activity, police said. A family was in the house at the time of the shooting, but no one was injured. Police say the son may have been the target. No arrests have been made.
Source: Tri-Valley Herald     Date: January 9, 2004

Man is killed (El Cajon, CA): Police arrested two gang members suspected of killing an 18-year-old man and injuring another in a shooting in El Cajon. The two victims noticed a car following them as they were driving. Gunshots were fired as the victims confronted the two suspects, ages 18 and 20. The suspects were arrested on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, and gang-related charges shortly after the shooting.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune    Date: January 8, 2004

New ban seeks to stop gangs (Long Beach, CA): City officials in Long Beach made it illegal for known gang members to loiter in public places in order to intimidate, conceal criminal activity, or stake territory as their own. The new law, expected to take effect as early as February, gives Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies with gang expertise the authority to arrest gang members at any time in any public area, including parks and sidewalks. Increased graffiti tagging and attempts by gang members to take over some of the city parks as their territories prompted deputies to consider immediate solutions to combat the problems, authorities said. Deputies determine gang affiliation by such characteristics as tattoos, graffiti, and family associations. Furthermore, deputies can arrest gang members' accomplices and parents if they knowingly allow their children to loiter with gang members. Gang loitering is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by jail time and/or a maximum $500 fine, a city official said.
Source: Press-Telegram    Date: January 7, 2004

Two teens die in gang-related shooting (San Jose, CA): Police are investigating the shooting deaths of two 17-year-olds after two groups of teenagers began fighting at a local restaurant. A 16-year-old boy was also shot and injured. "There's no doubt it's gang-related," a San Jose officer said. "We believe the victims are gang members or associates, and that's why they were targeted. We believe everyone involved is a member or associate of Hispanic gangs that operate in the area of East San Jose."
Source: The Associated Press State & Local Wire    Date: January 5, 2004

Man at market hit in drive-by shooting (Mountain View, CA): Police in San Diego are investigating a drive-by shooting that wounded a 21-year-old man. The man was walking out of the Bel-Aire Market when shots were fired from a passing car with several men inside. His wounds were not life-threatening, police said.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune    Date: January 4, 2004

Teen shot in head on street (Lake Los Angeles, CA): Authorities are investigating a possible gang-related attack in which an 18-year-old man was shot as he was driving away from alleged gang members. The man was first confronted at a friend's house. According to detectives, gang slogans were yelled back and forth. The victim was reported to be in near-death condition. Three officials are searching for several suspects in connection with the shooting.
Source: The Daily News of Los Angeles    Date: January 4, 2004

Police identify fifth suspect in attack on news carrier (Placerville, CA): Police have identified the fifth suspect in connection with the shooting of a newspaper carrier. The 21-year-old man is believed to be a member of the "Howe Park" Sureno gang and the gunman in the drive-by shooting, a police news release said. Police determined that the victim's car had been mistaken for that of a rival gang member. Three men and a teenager were arrested the day of the incident in connection with the shooting.
Source: The Sacramento Bee    Date: January 3, 2004

Fresno finishes year with 36 homicides (Fresno, CA): In Fresno, police said the 14 percent reduction in homicides could be related to a department reorganization that included the formation of a street violence bureau. In addition, police said that homicides may be down because of a more intense focus on gang activity and a 9.4 percent increase in felony arrests. Under the retooling, detectives are immediately assigned to investigate violent crimes. In the past, except for murder cases, such investigations sometimes did not start for one or two days, the police chief said.
Source: Fresno Bee    Date: January 2, 2004

Bay area cities see rise in homicides (Bay Area, CA): As the homicide rate crept up again in 2003 for the Bay Area's biggest cities, police blamed street gang violence. San Jose homicides rose for a third straight year, with police reporting 31 in 2003, three more than 2002. According to police, three alleged gang members were arrested during the last month of the year in connection with a series of street shootings that left three dead. San Francisco police reported 71 homicides in 2003, up slightly from 68 the year before. Oakland police reported 114 homicides, one more than the 113 in 2002, which marked a 30 percent spike in slayings for the city. Gang and drug violence pushed East Palo Alto's homicide toll to 10 in 2003, up from six in 2002.
Source: San Jose Mercury News    Date: January 2, 2004

Gangs blamed for rise in suburban slayings (Los Angeles, CA): In Antelope Valley, killings rose to a record high in 2003, and police are blaming the spread of gang activity from Los Angeles County to the region's suburbs. The number of reported homicides rose from 26 in 2002 to 43 last year. The previous record was 34 killings reported in 1992, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. "You are starting to see gangs and threat groups moving out to these areas," said the executive director of the National Major Gang Task Force. "For one, they probably think they can get away from the law enforcement and criminal-justice scrutiny that they go through in the urban areas."
Source: San Jose Mercury News    Date: January 2, 2004

County murders rise (Ventura County, CA): Ventura County has seen its homicide rate double in the past year, bringing it to the highest level in nearly a quarter-century. There were 49 homicides during 2003 in Ventura County, compared with 24 the year before. Nearly half the county's homicides took place in Oxnard, where 23 people were killed during the past year, most victims of gang violence. Officials say gang killings are notoriously difficult to investigate and prosecute because witnesses fear retribution.
Source: The Daily News of Los Angeles     Date: January 1, 2004

Teen murdered (Los Angeles, CA): A 15-year-old boy was killed in a possible gang-related shooting in South Los Angeles near Vermont Square, authorities said. The teen was shot multiple times and died about 30 minutes later at a nearby medical center. Police found bullet shells at the scene but could not immediately locate a suspect or weapons.
Source: City News Service    Date: December 31, 2003

Homicides (Los Angeles, CA): The homicide rate in Los Angeles fell 22.6 percent this year as a result of the new anti-gang offensive started by the Los Angeles Police Department's chief. With two days remaining in 2003, the city recorded 490 homicides, down from 633 last year. Those statistics put Los Angeles in third place behind New York City, with 578 homicides, and Chicago, with 560. Last year's spike in homicides was blamed on gang violence, prompting the police chief to declare war against street gangs.
Source: City News Service    Date: December 30, 2003

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