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Welcome to the Gang-Related News Articles page. This page provides a list of articles pertaining to gangs and gang-related activities from various U.S. and Canadian news sources. A link to the source of each article is provided. The list of articles can be refined and filtered by date and limited to a specific state or Canadian province or territory.

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Illinois map graphic Illinois
Reputed gang leader gets life sentence in drug case (Chicago, IL): A reputed high-ranking leader of the Gangsters Disciples street gang was sentenced to life imprisonment in federal court for conspiring to deal crack cocaine at a former Chicago public housing building on the West Side. The man was identified as a Gangster Disciples "governor" over the entire West Side, in particular, a 10-story building in Rockwell Gardens.
Source: Chicago Tribune    Date: April 8, 2004

California map graphic California
Gang tie suspected in killing (Yuba City, CA): Detectives believe the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy may be related to a dispute between two Latino gangs. "We believe the victim in this case to be connected with the Sureno street gang. The suspects are believed to be Nortenos. Over the last three years, violence between the two gangs has increased in frequency and seriousness," an officer said.
Source: The Sacramento Bee    Date: April 7, 2004

California map graphic California
Shooting victim had hoped to leave gangs (Madera, CA): Police have arrested two men and are seeking three others in a gang-related shooting that left a 22-year-old man dead. The suspects allegedly shot the victim from a car and then fled the scene. California Highway Patrol officers chased them briefly and arrested a 23-year-old man and another man, who was later released. Three others jumped out and ran before authorities could arrest them. The 23-year-old man was charged with suspicion of conspiracy to commit homicide with a gang enhancement.
Source: Fresno Bee     Date: April 7, 2004

New Jersey map graphic New Jersey
Suspected member of gang arrested (Franklin, NJ): The arrest of a 22-year-old man was the result of a two-week investigation by detectives with the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force, authorities said. The man, a suspected Bloods gang member, was caught selling heroin to an undercover detective. In addition to the undercover sale, the man is also charged with distributing heroin to a 41-year-old man, who was later arrested. Police say the 22-year-old man was wearing Bloods colors and had tattoos signifying his membership in the gang.
Source: Courier News    Date: April 7, 2004

Utah map graphic Utah
Gang graffiti, crimes mulitply (Salt Lake City, UT): According to Salt Lake City police, a recent increase in gang graffiti may be a precursor to gang battles on the streets. "I can't remember seeing this much gang graffiti and this amount of disrespect between gangs since 1997 or 1996," an officer said, adding that the two factors correlate to crime rates that have risen sharply for the second year in a row. Statistics show a 21.9 percent increase in graffiti from 3,981 cases in 2002 to 4,854 cases last year, paired with a 22.8 percent increase in all other gang crime, from 1,252 cases to 1,538 cases. Gang crime rose 50.5 percent in 2002. The majority of the graffiti is believed to be young gang members attempting "stepping stone crimes."
Source: The Salt Lake Tribune    Date: April 7, 2004

California map graphic California
Lincoln Park area injunction is expanded (San Diego, CA): At a recent meeting, town leaders decided to modify an injunction by adding 21 gang members who are barred from a variety of activities within a roughly two-square-mile section of southeastern San Diego, including gathering or appearing in public with any member of the gang they claim. Some of the other 37 prohibited activities are approaching or signaling any moving vehicles on any street unless required by a legitimate emergency, littering in any public place, wearing gang clothing, and making or encouraging others to make loud noise. According to police, the members listed in the injunction are considered the leaders and the most violent of the estimated 140 members of the particular gang.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune    Date: April 6, 2004

Florida map graphic Florida
Shooting outside club linked to gang violence (Pahokee, FL): A heated rivalry between two gangs, Dogs Under Fire and Pahokee Boyz, led to a shooting that left one man dead and another man injured. The man had stepped outside of Club Static when he was caught in a crossfire between the two gangs. He was shot twice, and another man suffered minor wounds. Authorities say the triggerman is believed to be a 22-year-old member of the Dogs Under Fire gang. Other arrests are pending.
Source: The Palm Beach Post    Date: April 6, 2004

California map graphic California
Investigators glean gang information from inmate birthday cards (Los Angeles, CA): Gang investigators in California prisons are finding that prisoners' birthday cards can help them attain valuable information. According to investigators, gang members will sign their nicknames and affiliations on the card, which allows for lifting an entire gang registry from one card. In addition, sometimes-cryptic information on the cards helps determine which inmates have moved on from membership in street gangs to more troublesome prison-based gangs, which are responsible for the bulk of the system's organized violence and drug trafficking.
Source: The Associated Press State & Local Wire    Date: April 5, 2004

California map graphic California
Student brawl disrupts bus trip (Visalia, CA): Nine students were suspended, and three boys, ages 13, 14, and 17, were arrested after a fight on a Visalia Unified School District bus, Tulare County sheriff's officials said. The students all attend Visalia's Charter Alternatives Academy, a school for students expelled from other campuses. According to authorities, three boys are part of an Asian street gang, and they started harassing a 15-year-old girl. The girl eventually went to the front of the bus to hide behind the bus driver, but the boys kept hitting her. The driver stopped the bus, tried to break up the fight, and radioed for help. Police said the fight was gang-related. The three boys were booked into Tulare County Juvenile Detention Facility for battery, but gang-related offenses could be added after the investigation is complete.
Source: Fresno Bee    Date: April 3, 2004

California map graphic California
Valinda man injured in drive-by shooting (Valinda, CA): Sheriff's detectives are searching for two Latino men in their 20s who are suspected of shooting a Valinda man as he stood in his front yard talking to a friend. The suspects pulled up in a car, asked where the victim was from, and allegedly shot him. The victim's wounds are not life-threatening.
Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune    Date: April 3, 2004

Oregon map graphic Oregon
Woodburn teen arrested for graffiti (Woodburn, OR): A 16-year-old boy was arrested and booked in connection with a series of gang-related graffiti that was spray-painted on several buildings in Woodburn, police said. The boy was booked on 15 counts of second-degree criminal mischief before being released to one of his parents.
Source: Statesman Journal    Date: April 3, 2004

Florida map graphic Florida
Man arrested in connection to drive-bys (Belle Glade, FL): A 20-year-old man was arrested in connection with several drive-by shootings at rival gang members, Belle Glade police said. The man is charged with attempted homicide, discharging a firearm from a vehicle, and aggravated assault with a firearm. He is the second Dogs Under Fire gang member arrested in connection with shooting at rival gang, Little Rock Dogs. Police are searching for two other suspects. No one was reported injured in the five shootings.
Source: The Palm Beach Post    Date: April 2, 2004

Utah map graphic Utah
Straight Edgers characterized as terrorist threat (Salt Lake City and Ogden, UT): Straight Edge is Utah's largest gang and thought to be a terroristic threat, police are reporting. Hundreds of teenagers in Salt Lake City and Ogden align themselves with the 20-year-old Straight Edge movement, which advocates clean living devoid of smoking, alcohol, drugs, and promiscuous sex. The majority of those teens are law abiding, an officer said, but some commit violent crimes in small packs, usually assaulting those who smoke or drink. According to police, the gang was considered a domestic terrorist group after a series of violent attacks in the mid-to-late 1990s when Straight Edgers firebombed a McDonald's and a leather store, blew up a mink farm, and murdered a teenager for smoking in downtown Salt Lake City. Recently, they have been linked to multiple beatings, involving high school students in the Kearns area.
Source: The Salt Lake Tribune    Date: April 2, 2004

Ohio map graphic Ohio
Mayor presses probe of gang (Cincinnati, OH): The mayor of Cincinnati is pressing FBI agents and police to give an explanation for why an investigation of the Tot Lot Posse gang is taking so long. According to police, the gang is responsible for intimidating residents, widespread drug sales, and homicides. FBI officials say they have been involved for some time in an investigation with Cincinnati police, but they would not identify the target of their probe. Several Cincinnati officers are assigned to work full time with the FBI. "We've been working together on a joint investigation that has culminated in the past few months," said an FBI spokesman. "We're getting ready to take the final step." If that final step is taking the case to a federal grand jury to seek criminal indictments, it will be up to the U.S. Attorney's office to set the schedule. Federal prosecutors run the grand jury and determine if and when to seek indictments.
Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer    Date: April 1, 2004

Virginia map graphic Virginia
Gang ties alleged in teen's shooting (Chesterfield County, VA): Three young men face charges of criminal street-gang activity in a shooting that wounded an 18-year-old man at a birthday party in Chesterfield County. Authorities say all three men are allegedly affiliated with the West End Boys. The three suspects, ages 18, 19, and 20, were charged with felonious assault, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and participating in a gang-related activity, which is considered a more serious charge.
Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch    Date: April 1, 2004

Florida map graphic Florida
Several shootings in Belle Glade blamed on rivalry (Belle Glade, FL): A gang rivalry in Belle Glade has resulted in five shootings, police said. No one has been injured, but four members of the "Dogs Under Fire" gang are wanted for shooting at two members of the "Little Rock Dogs" at five different locations in the city, police said. The shootings appear to be in revenge for one of the alleged targets having a relationship with one of the suspects' girlfriend. Investigation is ongoing.
Source: The Palm Beach Post    Date: March 30, 2004

California map graphic California
Three arrested in weekend shootings (Oceanside, CA): Police have arrested a 20-year-old man and a pair of 16-year-olds in connection with two shootings that investigators believe are gang-related. In the first shooting, officers said numerous shots were fired into a home, but the shooter fled before they arrived. The second shooting occurred about a half-hour later when shots were fired from an SUV. Police arrested and charged the three suspects with suspicion of carjacking, conspiracy, and two counts of attempted murder.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune    Date: March 30, 2004

New York map graphic New York
Cops arrest nine in stabbing (New York, NY): Nine people were arrested after an 18-year-old man was stabbed on the northbound train in a gang-related incident, police said. Those arrested were charged with first-degree assault, gang assault, first-degree rioting, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, and unlawful assembly. The victim was expected to recover from his stab wounds.
Source: Newsday    Date: March 30, 2004

Illinois map graphic Illinois
Solutions offered to curb Rockford graffiti (Rockford, IL): In Rockford, police are trying to curb an increase in gang-related graffiti. According to police, there is something going on between the city’s Hispanic gangs: the Latin Kings on one side and the Latin Counts and Surrenos on the other. "Right now what we have is a lot on the south and southwest sides," an officer said. "It’s the younger kids, the 'wannabes' we call them, who do it. Not the older gang members — they don’t want the attention." The officer also added that a spike in graffiti does not necessarily mean a spike in gang-related violence. "A lot of these kids go to the same schools and nothing ever happens. When they’re out of school, one side might tag something, then another side sees it, so they tag over it because they see it as an insult, so it spreads." Negotiations have begun to see what kind of legislation can be passed to help set and increase fines for individuals damaging property with paint. Also being considered is the restriction of paint sales. Currently, if taggers are caught, they are usually charged with vandalism or criminal damage to property. The charge can range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 4 felony, depending on the amount of property damage.
Source: Rockford Register Star    Date: March 29, 2004

California map graphic California
Three held in robbery attempt (Fresno, CA): Police arrested three men, ages 19, 23, and 26, on suspicion of armed robbery, attempted carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, and involvement in a criminal street gang. The three men are accused of attempting to carjack a vehicle from a man in an apartment complex's carport. The car owner refused to give the men his car keys and was struck by a gun, an officer said. The man was treated and released from an area hospital. Two other victims reported that the three suspects held them at gunpoint in the carport and searched them for money.
Source: Fresno Bee    Date: March 28, 2004

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