List Charter

GANGINFO Exchange is a discussion list for sharing information about gangs. It is an electronic forum for researchers, law enforcement officers and investigators, probation and parole officers, correctional officers, prosecutors, judges, youth agency workers, community grassroots organization members, therapists, pastoral counselors, school administrators and educators, social workers, program administrators and developers, policymakers, and certain writers with an interest in gangs.

As a rule, nonfiction writers, such as nontabloid journalists, will be granted a subscription to GANGINFO Exchange upon request, but fiction writers, such as novelists, will not. However, anyone may contact the National Gang Center directly at to obtain further information about gangs.

Subscribers can exchange information about effective strategies for identifying and countering gang crime, intervening with gang and at-risk youth, preventing gang growth and expansion, working with victims of gang crime, and promoting professional education and research. GANGINFO Exchange also will post announcements of relevant conferences and new literature. List members may do the same.

All persons granted list membership must obtain the permission of the originator/author before quoting in writing, for any purpose, any information posted to the list.

Because GANGINFO Exchange uses a nonsecure method of sending mail over the Internet, it is NOT the proper venue for postings containing information about specific gang members or police intelligence.