Advanced Gang Investigations

Who Should Attend

This class provides advanced gang training to street gang investigators, security threat group investigators, and intelligence analysts currently assigned to gang investigations who have two to four years of experience in that field.

Training Topics

Training topics may include:

  • Intelligence—the various types and uses of human and technological information and resources available to gang investigators. Lessons include:

    • Intelligence Review and 28 CFR Part 23
    • Gang Intelligence
    • Information Resources
    • Role of the Intelligence Analyst
  • Investigations—traditional and nontraditional investigative methods and legal issues in gang investigations. Lessons include:

    • Gang Crimes: Beyond Dope and Drive-Bys
    • Complex Investigations
    • Common Obstacles and Problems in Gang Cases
    • Jurisdictional/Legal Issues
  • Suppression Strategies and Tactics—current trends and best practices in gang investigations. Lessons include:

    • Current Trends/Best Practices—Law Enforcement
    • Current Trends/Best Practices—Corrections
    • Community Partnerships

Registration Information

Currently, there are no Advanced Gang Investigations courses scheduled. Please continue to check this site for schedule updates.