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Welcome to the Gang-Related News Articles page. This page provides a list of articles pertaining to gangs and gang-related activities from various U.S. and Canadian news sources. A link to the source of each article is provided. The list of articles can be refined by date and limited to a specific state or Canadian province or territory using the control below.

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South Carolina map graphic South Carolina
Lott links assault to gangs (Columbia, SC): Police have arrested a brother and sister (ages 21 and 23, respectively) for threatening and trying to kidnap a hospitalized witness to a gun shop robbery. The two are charged with tracking the witness down at the hospital and trying to intimidate him, Richland County Sheriff said. Another brother, 17, had already been arrested on charges that he was one of four people who broke into the gun store. The brother told deputies that he is a member of the Crips and that the guns stolen were to be used to protect them against retaliation from the rival Bloods gang. Revenge threats between rival gangs occurred the last week of school in Richland County and some Lexington County schools. The threats stemmed from a gang-related slaying on March 28, which killed an 18-year-old Bloods leader, police and gang members said.
Source: The State    Date: May 31, 2003

South Carolina map graphic South Carolina
Coble wants tougher laws for gang activity (Columbia, SC): The increasing threat of gangs has resulted in the mayor of Columbia lobbying for legislation that would better define gangs and provide extra punishments for crimes committed by gang members. "We've seen the last few weeks that the threat of gangs can intimidate and cause great concern to an entire city. That problem is likely to get worse, rather than better," he said. The legislation will define a gang as a group of three or more people gathered together with the purpose of committing repeated criminal acts.
Source: The State    Date: May 30, 2003

California map graphic California
Harbor shooting (Harbor City, CA): Two men were wounded in a possible gang-related shooting, police said. The shooting was reported by the Los Angeles Police Department's Harbor Station. No suspect description or further information was available.
Source: City News Service    Date: May 30, 2003

Virginia map graphic Virginia
More arrests may be coming, sheriff says (Staunton, VA): Two suspects, a 21-year-old male and 20-year-old female, are facing murder charges in connection with the gang-related killing of a 19-year-old Raphine teen. Both were charged with accessory to murder and face the possibility of life in prison if convicted. Authorities had already arrested and charged a 24 and 17-year-old with first-degree murder. There is indication that more arrests could be forthcoming. All four are members of a local Crip gang.
Source: The Daily News Leader    Date: May 30, 2003

Minnesota map graphic Minnesota
State's Gang Strike Force here for another year (Minneapolis, MN): The Minnesota Gang Strike Force has received enough funding to operate at least another year, according to officials in Minnesota. Extra money came from reallocating funds and various sources. Of the funding, just over $1 million for the fiscal year beginning July 1, nearly half will cover office expenses. The rest will go to reimburse law enforcement agencies that assign officers to the Strike Force.
Source: Star Tribune    Date: May 30, 2003

Mississippi map graphic Mississippi
Ten people arrested in two drive-by shootings (St. Martin, MS): Ten men were arrested in connection with two gang-related drive-by shootings in the Porteaux Bay subdivision and Forest Cove subdivision in D'Iberville. The ages of the men ranged from 16 to 26 and were all charged with drive-by shooting. The men, in three different cars, fired into a home and were later arrested after a brief chase with police. "No one was hit in the shooting," said the Jackson County Sheriff. "We believe this involves two Vietnamese gangs with a vendetta trying to get back at one another."
Source: The Associated Press State & Local Wire    Date: May 30, 2003

Minnesota map graphic Minnesota
Two charged in Northfield gang shooting (Northfield, MN): Two men (ages 21 and 19) have been charged in connection with a suspected gang-related shooting on May 24. Both were charged with felony assault, and the 21-year-old was also charged with attempted murder.
Source: The Associated Press State & Local Wire    Date: May 30, 2003

Oregon map graphic Oregon
Canby sees signs of gang activity (Canby, OR): Police in Canby, Oregon, are on alert for possible renewed interest in gang membership after a recent increase in gang graffiti around town. An officer said that gangs have always been a threat, and this time around the increase seems to be from young Latinos. Tracking down offenders is difficult, police say. They show up at night and know police patrol patterns to avoid being caught. "Wannabes are the worst kind," an officer said. "They will do drive-by shootings, they will do thefts, they will do anything to prove they can be a gang member."
Source: The Oregonian    Date: May 30, 2003

Maryland map graphic Maryland
One dead, three hurt in shooting (Baltimore, MD): A drive-by shooting on Baltimore's east side left one man dead and three hospitalized, according to reports. Police had three men in custody for questioning after more than a dozen shots were fired.
Source: The Baltimore Sun    Date: May 29, 2003

Rhode Island map graphic Rhode Island
Gunman fires into crowd (Providence, RI): Two men in their mid to late 20s were injured in an apparent drive-by shooting in front of a South Providence residence. Neither injury appeared to be life-threatening, the police said. A witness said he saw four people riding in a vehicle when the passenger in the front pointed a gun through his window and shot toward a group of people.
Source: The Providence Journal    Date: May 29, 2003

Virginia map graphic Virginia
State targets youth violence (Virginia): Virginia's attorney general announced the formation of a statewide gang task force to recommend solutions to the growing problem of youth violence. "We have a gang problem in Virginia. It's time to admit we have a gang problem and deal with it," he said. General Assembly members and law-enforcement officials from federal, state, and local government will make up the task force. The broadening of state laws defining gang activity and strengthened penalties for gang activities are going to be considered. The attorney general gave an example of a recent gang-related killing in which a 19-year-old male was found partially submerged in a pond after being stabbed a dozen times. Police suspect that he was killed for wanting to leave a gang. Four people have since been arrested in connection to the killing. The suspects have all confessed their ties with the Crips gang.
Source: The Washington Times    Date: May 29, 2003

California map graphic California
Van Ness shooting (Los Angeles, CA): A drive-by shooting in Hyde Park killed a man (in his 40s) and wounded a woman (in her 30s). A third person was shot at but unharmed, police said. They were shot in front of a duplex by one or more people in a sport utility vehicle. The shooting may have been gang-related, police said. No arrests were reported.
Source: City News Service    Date: May 29, 2003

California map graphic California
Three Anaheim men involved in Placentia gunfight (Placentia, CA): A gang-related fight eventually led to gunfire and left a 22-year-old man wounded, authorities said. Police arrested two gang members, ages 20 and 26, who were involved with the incident but are not the suspects of the shooting. The shooting may have been in retaliation from an earlier incident, police said. The man wounded did not suffer life-threatening wounds. Investigation is continuing.
Source: The Orange County Register    Date: May 29, 2003

California map graphic California
Ten shot to death during weekend (Los Angeles, CA): Ten people were killed and 15 wounded in weekend violence that primarily involved gangs in South Los Angeles, police said. The first fatal shooting was reported when a group of people approached another group on the sidewalk and opened fire. A 20 year-old male was reported dead and three of his friends and a nearby woman were wounded. In the second incident, two males (ages 18 and 22) were killed by drive-by shooters in Hollywood. In Southwest Los Angeles, a man shot his 43-year-old girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself. Another shooting in South Los Angeles left two males (ages 16 and 18) dead, as someone on foot shot them multiple times. Just a few minutes later in the same area, a 19-year-old male was killed by a drive-by shooter, police said. A 20-year-old male and another man were in a home when a shotgun went off in the other man's hands. The shooter fled, police said. A 21-year-old Harbor City man died after a gang-related shooting, according to police. Lastly, a 25-year-old man was fatally shot when a carjacker tried to take his car in Hollywood.
Source: Los Angeles Times    Date: May 29, 2003

Arizona map graphic Arizona
Man shot, dies after argument (Tucson, AZ): A 34-year-old man was fatally shot on the south side of Tucson at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1713. A detective said several men, identified as likely members of a street gang, had argued inside the post bar over one of them "dissing," showing disrespect, to another. Police have no suspects.
Source: Tucson Citizen    Date: May 29, 2003

California map graphic California
Two teens arrested in gang-related fight (Thousand Oaks, CA): Two teens, ages 18 and 16, were arrested for allegedly stabbing a 15-year-old boy on May 13 during a gang-related fight in a church parking lot, police said. The victim was treated for his injuries and did not suffer life-threatening wounds. Another 20-year-old alleged gang member was arrested at the scene of the fight.
Source: Los Angeles Times    Date: May 28, 2003

California map graphic California
Bullets fly on Hollywood Freeway (Hollywood, CA): Two men in their 20s were wounded in a possible gang shooting on the Hollywood Freeway, police reported. Both victims managed to exit the freeway and suffered non-life-threatening wounds.
Source: Los Angeles Times    Date: May 28, 2003

California map graphic California
Gang shooting (Fairfield, CA): An 18-year-old male wanted for a gang-related shooting in late March was shot and killed by police at a Fairfield motel. The suspect shot a 14-year-old boy with alleged gang ties as he sat in a car. The boy survived the shooting. Police said the suspect followed instructions as he exited his motel room. A handgun was tucked into his waistband or pocket, and while it was unclear if he tried to reach for the gun, a police officer opened fire. Police are investigating the shooting and the officer involved has been placed on paid administrative leave.
Source: The Associated Press State & Local Wire    Date: May 28, 2003

California map graphic California
Bullets strike rap mogul offices (Los Angeles, CA): Several bullets damaged the front door, windows, and walls of a rap mogul's record label offices in what some law enforcement officials believe was an attack by members of a street gang who have a problem with him and his associates. The shots were fired from vehicles that drove by the office building. An officer said four cars were seen leaving the scene. Earlier this year, the rap mogul was found in violation of his parole when he associated with members of the Mob Pirus Blood gang. Law enforcement sources said the shooting may have been the latest in a series of incidents involving a rivalry between that gang and two other factions of the Blood gang — the Fruit Town Pirus and Leuders Park Pirus.
Source: Los Angeles Times    Date: May 28, 2003

California map graphic California
Drive-by shooting (Los Angeles, CA): A man in his early 20s was wounded during an apparent gang-related drive-by shooting in Jefferson Park, police said. Witnesses gave the police details on the suspects' car.
Source: City News Service    Date: May 28, 2003

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